Digital Marketing

Evotech IT is the complete solution to meet client needs through online digital marketing activities,Our Goal to provide digital solution to all your marketing needs

Social Media Development.

This refers to all the social media tools (facebook, twitter, youtube etc.) used to market product

Service Details
-Social Media Campaign
– Social Media Marketing
– Viral Video Marketing
– Promotional Plan Development
– Consumer Service
– Optimization Across Multiple Devices
– Fun Acquisition
– Creative Idea Development

Content Management.

All forms & digital content we are able to provide for our clients.

Service Details
– Content Development
– Content Creation & Production
– Creative Idea Development
– Audio Video
– Documentary
– Promotional Video
– Photo Shoot
– Viral Video
– Studio Animation Videos
– Advertise Design

Online Management Services.

All our services to you via email and other online method.

Service Details
– Online Promotional Plan Development
– Online Event
– eCommerce Integration
– Email Marketing
– Brand Management
– Reputation Management
– SMS Marketing
– Social Account Management
– Studio Animation Videos
– Advertise Design

Campaign Management.

We offer various form of campaign related options to help our clients to get more clients.